Résultats 74,901 à 74,950 de 75,017

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74901 [L'ACTE PRECEDENT EST DATE DU 16-02-1795] Robert, Pierre (I41133)
74902 [listed as male in birth record] Roberts, George Arthur (I66687)
74903 [marriage recorded at North Adams] Famille (F12864)
74904 [married? or daughter?] Famille (F1966)
74905 [missing from 1870 census] Robert, Amable (I32257)
74906 [month is assumed] Robert, Mary (I69524)
74907 [month of birth is questionable] Robert, Sophia (I74753)
74908 [mother Anastasie Gauthier] Vincent, Amable (I75533)
74909 [mother cesarie goguette] Vincent, Amable (I52128)
74910 [mother has no living children in 1910 census] Robert, Cora (I73289)
74911 [mother not mentioned in record] Robert, Jean Baptiste (I55155)
74912 [mother: Marie Amable Becet] Monast, François (I8011)
74913 [mother: Marie Josephe Mace] Robert, Madeleine dit Lafontaine (I7272)
74914 [mothers name not given in register] Robert, [anonyme] (I55305)
74915 [name at burial] Robert, Charles Cyrille (I54835)
74916 [name of bride not given] Famille (F8706)
74917 [named Jeanne in the burial record, but as her sister Jeanne appears in subsequent census records, and Marie Emilienne does not, this must be the record for Marie Emilienne] Robert, Marie Emilienne (I34802)
74918 [names of parents given as Antoine Robert & Marie Sauny] Robert, Emelia (I42515)
74919 [NEE SUR LES 9 HEURES DU SOIR] Robert, Esther (I31261)
74920 [never married] Famille (F6050)
74921 [never married] Famille (F6051)
74922 [no issue] Famille (F7202)
74923 [no issue] Famille (F7204)
74924 [not married?] Famille (F10607)
74925 [not one of 5 living children in 1900 census] Robert, Eliza (I75045)
74926 [obit says Monroe] Roberts, Alfred E. (I50347)
74927 [of the Sisters of St. Anne] Roberts, Pauline (I70545)
74928 [or Sandy Hill, Washington County] Robert, Moses H. (I68946)
74929 [or Studville] Robert, Louis Séhade (I43832)
74930 [page is missing from Ancestry copy of drouin films] Robert, Oscar (I89144)
74931 [paid by Frank Satorius & John Roberts] Roberts, Dorothy M. (I50840)
74932 [parentage is conjecture and probably wrong, marriage gives parents as John and Eliza, and John does not appear in two prior census with mother and family] Roberts, John N (I73108)
74933 [parents are Auguste Robert and Marguerite Bertau; godparents are Antoine Robert and Onesime Besset) Robert, Auguste (I60542)
74934 [parents of groom: Jean-Baptiste & Anne Chartrand] Famille (F7490)
74935 [parents were residing in St-Léonard at the time of his baptism, his birthplace is not specified and could be anywhere] Robert, Alfred (I68804)
74936 [perhaps at Champlain?] Robert, Hilaire (I53945)
74937 [perhaps the Marie Adeline Robert who married Alexandre Robert 28 Jul 1867 in Notre Dame Church Ogdensburg NY] Robert, Adelaide (I75587)
74938 [perhaps the Marie Celina Robert who died this date at the age of 1 1/2 months the daughter of Jules Robert and Marie Fiffe] Robert, Marie Celina (I43184)
74939 [perhaps the Newell Roberts who died in Watertown 13 Aug 1888 aged 36 years 8 months 17 days ] Roberts, Christmas (I76266)
74940 [perhaps the Paul in 1901 census of Ste-Ursule Quartier Trois Rivières with wife Marie, and children Helene, Prime and Albertine] Robert, Paul (I59507)
74941 [possibly Danielson or Brooklyn, in Windham County] Robert, Henri (I42259)
74942 [probably the Pierre Robert married to Suzanne Gagné 13 sep 1813 St Constant who had son Bernard Robert born 26 May 1821 St Constant] Robert, Pierre (I77414)
74943 [record is crossed out in the parish registers] Robert, Joseph Albert Jean Paul (I83868)
74944 [registered at Millbury, Worcester Co. MA] Roberts, Adelard (I77822)
74945 [rehab?] witnesses: Jos Robert, E. Jourdanais Famille (F7419)
74946 [ROBERTS, James, 31, r-Corunna, ON, b-Canada, farmer, f-Benjamin Roberts, m-Ann Grogan, between April & May 1896 at Port Huron, to Mary Barrett, 28, r-Port Huron, b-Port Huron Twp., f-Owen Barrett, m-Mary Murphy, wit; Peter Roberts of Corunna & Margaret McCarty of Port Huron, by Joseph Spaeth, Priest of Catholic Church.]  Famille (F6142)
74947 [second marriage for bride] Famille (F9972)
74948 [St Marys] Robert, Joseph Hilarius (I16044)
74949 [St Marys] Robert, Mary Christina (I16042)
74950 [St Marys] Robert, Stephen (I15947)